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Commission on University Support
Information Technology Advisory Committee
Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S),
Collaborative Computing Solutions (CCS),
and IT Experience & Engagement (ITE²)
Advisory Sub-committee


William Dougherty Executive Director, Network Infrastructure and Services
External Members
Dr. Charles Clancy Director, Hume Center for National Security and Technology
Al Cooper Director, Business & Management Systems, President's Office
Jeff Crowder Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives, VP for Information Technology
Justin Davenport Director, Information Technology, National Capital Region Operations
Dr. Scott Farmer Director, Outreach Information Services
Chief Kevin Foust Chief of Police and Director of Security
Dr. Mark Gardner Network Research Manager
Hikmet Gursoy Associate Director of Information Technology, Division of Student Affairs
Carl Harris Chief Technology Architect, VP for Information Technology
Dr. Chris Kiwus Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer
Ed Lener Associate Director, Collection Management, Library
Dr. Nick Polys Director of Visual Computing, Advanced Research Computing
Dr. Jeff Reed Willis G. Worcester Professor, Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Director, Wireless @ Virginia Tech
Tommy Regan Senior Director, Information Technology, Athletics
Dr. Glenda Scales Associate Dean for International Programs and Information Technology, College of Engineering
Dr. Kevin Shinpaugh Director, IT and Computing Services, Biocomplexity Institute
Ryan Spoon Associate Director of Information Technology, College of Engineering
Brenda van Gelder Executive Director, IT Policy & Strategic Engagement
Student Members
Andrea (Andi) Sherlock Electrical Engineering, Class of 2017
Alumni Members
Landon Biggs Computer Engineering
Network Infrastructure & Services
Morgan Allen Director, Software Development
Ludwig Gantner Solutions Architect
Richard Hach Director, Special Projects and Initiatives
Joe Hutson Chief Operations Officer and Deputy Executive Director
Brian Jones Director, Converged Network Operations
Steve Lee Director, Network Engineering Operations
Mike Moyer Manager, Data Center
Pat Rodgers Chief Financial and Administration Officer
Matt Serr Director, Network Infrastructure Installation

Meeting Notes

April 24, 2018 Meeting

October 30, 2017 Meeting

May 3, 2017 Meeting

November 28, 2016 Meeting

May 6, 2016 Meeting

November 30, 2015 Meeting

May 8, 2015 Meeting

December 5, 2014 Meeting

May 6, 2014 Meeting

December 9, 2013 Meeting

November 29, 2011 Meeting

May 3, 2011 Meeting

May 6, 2010 Meeting

December 7, 2009 Meeting



Charge: To provide advice and counsel that assists in support of Network Infrastructure and Services' (NI&S) strategic goals at Virginia Tech.

Current Environment for Network Infrastructure and Services: Rapid changes in technology, mobility, flexibility, and the nature of information technology infrastructure are changing the way the university community works. The university community's expectations and demand for the benefits of that technology continue to grow.

NI&S must understand and forecast the needs, and identify leading-edge technological advances to make them available to the university community. Access to next generation technologies, protocols, services, and applications is critical, as the university pursues top-tier research status; strives to create a modern, technology enriched, learning environment; and fulfills its outreach mission to improve the quality of life for the Commonwealth's citizens.

NI&S collaborates with other departments in the Division of Information Technology to provide network and computer management, support, emphasizing security and reliability to the entire university community.

Network Infrastructure and Services includes the following centers of activity:

  • Administration, Accounting, Finance, and Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Network Engineering Operations
  • Network Infrastructure Installation
  • Software Development
  • User Experience (UX) Consulting
  • Applications Management
  • Data Center
  • Emergency Communications Technology

The sub-committee will advise and assist the NI&S leadership as they:

  • Establish strategic direction for technological solutions to enable Virginia Tech to accomplish its mission for instruction, research, and outreach.
  • Determine how NI&S operating units can better meet the needs of the university community.
  • Identify and adopt technology solutions that meet current needs, anticipate future demands, and address a combination of performance, availability, reliability and security.
  • Emphasize integrated information technology infrastructure strategies to advance the university's overall excellence and to maximize its competitive advantage in the digital economy.

Sub-committee Membership and Activity:

  • Members will be invited to serve on the advisory committee by the Executive Director for Network Infrastructure and Services.
  • The sub-committee's size will remain small enough to encourage fluid interaction and discussion.
  • Members will meet approximately once each semester to discuss Network Infrastructure and Services' goals and challenges and will receive a request for agenda items prior to each meeting.

Staff Participation:

Network Infrastructure and Services' senior staff will participate in sub-committee meetings with all other staff available to contribute as needed.