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Summer Telecommunications Orders

Summer is a high-demand time for departments to move and update telephone and network services. To help ensure your telecommunications work and associated billing for summer renovations are completed on a timely basis, Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S) recommends that you submit your Interdepartmental Communications Requests (ICRs) before the following dates:

  • April 18 - for work to be billed in FY 2017 (work must be complete or cell phone delivered no later than May 15, to be charged on the June 1, 2017, bill).
  • June 15 - for work to be completed before August 31, 2017.

The online ICR is available at:
To accommodate large departmental moves and renovations, please use the editable PDF Request For Estimate form.
For additional information, please contact a NI&S Customer Service team member at 1-6460 or via email to