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Accurate telephone location data is critical for 911 responders

To ensure that emergency responders can quickly reach the correct room and building, it is imperative that orders be placed whenever installing or moving telephones. The address associated with each telephone (room, building, street) is updated when, and only when, orders (ICRs) are placed with Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S).

The vast majority of Avaya telephones installed on campus can be moved without a fee*

Submit orders each time a telephone is 1) installed, 2) moved, or, 3) when building renovations result in changes to room numbers. These telecommunications orders are also used to update the local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) database relied on by emergency dispatchers.

When telephones are moved without placing orders, there is a risk that emergency responders will be dispatched to the wrong location!

Please contact Customer Service with NI&S at 540-231-6460 to install or move telephones, or to update your building's PSAP information.

*Norris, Litton-Reaves, and Derring will receive network upgrades during 2017. - Updated 1/20/2017

State of Virginia Code Public Safety Information

The following information is provided as a reminder of your responsibilities for facilitating Virginia Tech’s compliance with the Commonwealth of Virginia Code as it relates to the provisioning of emergency call information.  Section 56-484.19 of the Code requires multiline telephone system providers, like Virginia Tech, to provide originating call location information to the public safety answering point (PSAP) for all emergency calls. 

Virginia Tech can maintain compliance with the Code by enabling emergency responders to readily locate all telephone stations--within an area of 7000 square feet or less--from which an emergency call may have been placed.

Additional information regarding specific Code requirements can be found using the General Assembly’s Legislative Information System (LIS).