US Cellular Available Equipment

NI&S does not maintain a list of available phones on our website. Use the link below as a list of available equipment only.

Currently available US Cellular equipment.

You may see sale prices, coupons, term commitments and other offers from the service provider that only apply to personal accounts. We purchase from a Federal Supply Contract, and the offers on the individual service provider's websites do not apply.

Please contact NI&S Customer Service at to obtain the contract pricing for the cell phone or device that you are interested in.


US Cellular Service Plans

US Cellular Basic - Pay As You Go

All calls are billed at $0.11 per minute.

Roaming and Long Distance included. Unlimited incoming calls not included. Data cannot be added to Basic plan.




Wide Area (US Cellular Network)

US Cellular Wide Area 300

US Cellular Wide Area 700

Additional minutes are $0.54. Roaming and Long Distance minutes are $0.54




US Cellular Wide Area 1000

US Cellular Wide Area 1650

US Cellular Wide Area 2200

Additional minutes are $0.35. Roaming and Long Distance minutes are $0.54





National Voice

US Cellular National 250

US Cellular National 450

US Cellular National 650

Additional minutes are $0.69. Roaming and Long Distance minutes are included.





US Cellular National 950

US Cellular National 1350

Additional minutes are $0.35. Roaming and Long Distance minutes are included.




Unlimited nights and weekends can be added to any plans above except Basic for $12.00

Windows Mobile data may be added on any plan above except Basic for $ 28.00

Blackberry and Android Devices Require a $45.00 per Month DataPlus plan on any plans above

Voice and Data

US Cellular Unlimited Voice and 5GB Data


Wireless Data

US Cellular Mobile Data (Aircard, 5GB) $67

Add-on Features

Per Use Text Messages (no text plan)

250 Outgoing Text Messages

750 Outgoing Text Messages

Unlimited Outgoing Text Messages

$0.35 each




20 Outgoing Picture Messages

50 Outgoing Picture Messages



Unlimited Nights and Weekends


Add-on Data Plans

Data for Blackberry (5GB)
Data for Android Devices (5GB)
Data for Windows Devices (5GB)
Data for Non-SmartPhones (5GB)


All Plans Include

Basic Voice Mail

Call Forwarding

Call Waiting

Caller ID

Unlimited Incoming Pic and Text on all plans except for the Basic Plan

Unlimited Incoming Calls, and Mobile to Mobile except for the Basic, Wide Area 300, and National 250.
Text and Data Access from Phones: Data access (i.e. downloading ringtones, web applications, etc) on non-Smartphone/Blackberry devices and text messaging from all phones will be blocked by default. Users or agencies wishing data access should select a text or data plan for the phone which will allow access to these features. A Pay-for-Text option is available.