Below you will find links to information and forms commonly requested by faculty, staff and departments to manage their telecommincations billing and services.

Interdepartmental Communications Requests (ICR)

Telecommunications and network services are ordered from NI&S by authorized users submitting an Interdepartmental Communications Request (ICR) using COLA.  

For access and authorization to use the ICR tool, please submit the COLA ICR authorization form (PDF) to NI&S Customer Service, campus mail code 0506.

Web Access to Departmental Billing Statements

Your departmental telecommunications invoice is available for review online by authorized individuals via our COLA Customer Portal.  

Invoices are typically available by the fifth day of each month. It is recommended that a printed copy be initialed by the reviewer and retained for future audits.

To request access to departmental billing statements, please complete the Web Access Request Form (PDF) and return it to NI&S Accounts Receivable at 1770 Forecast Drive, Mail Code 0506.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact our Accounts Receivable team at 540-231-6460 or e-mail

Banner Fund Changes

All Banner Fund changes must be submitted by the last business day of the month. This will ensure efficient and timely billing to your department. Requests received on the first of the month or later will not be effective until the following billing period. Requests made by month's end will be effective the first of the following month.

EXAMPLE: Requests made 3-1-2014 through 3-31-2014 will be processed and new billing will be effective on the 4-1-2014 bills. Requests made after 3-31-2014 will not be effective until the 5-1-2014 bills.

Banner Fund Change Form (PDF)

The form may be printed and mailed to NI&S Accounts Receivable at 1770 Forecast Drive, Mail Code 0506.

Completion of all fields on this form is required for processing. If you have questions, call Accounts Receivable, 540-231-6460 or email

Banner Fund Change form field definitions:

  • Service option - the kind of service for which you are being billed: Voice, PIDs, Data, Circuits, or Video.
  • Account Detail - the telephone number, circuit number, PID or portal number used to identify a specific service option. The account detail will appear in the second column of your telecommunications bill.
  • Customer Account Number (CAN) - is a generated number to uniquely identify the Banner Fund Number and the services being billed under it. Your CAN may be found in the upper left-hand corner of the bill, directly under your department number.


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