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Project Estimate Request

This non-binding form is used to describe the general scope of work and to request an estimate for improvements to existing telecommunications facilities or to request services. Examples of such projects include departmental renovations, large scale moves, and non-standard service requests.

This form, along with the other project information, will be used to determine the project's telecommunications budget, its size, and scope. Be sure to include all unique aspects that will add to the project's cost. Failure to do so may result in understating the amount of funds needed to complete the project. Before any action will be taken, a signed copy of the form must be submitted to NI&S Customer Service at 1770 Forecast Drive, (0506) or faxed to 231-4800.

Your project may impact other campus departments such as Physical Plant, Capital Design and Construction, and Environmental Health and Safety Services. Please contact these departments individually to make them aware of your plans and to coordinate any activities between departments.

Project Estimate Request Form (editable PDF)

A. General Information

  • Item 1. Department Name. Enter your department's name.
  • Item 2. Customer Account Number (CAN). Enter the CAN for your department. If you are unsure of this number, contact your Communications Liaison.
  • Item 3. Project Title. Enter the project title.
  • Item 4. Name of Person to Contact about this Form. Enter the name of the person to contact who can answer specific questions concerning the information provided on this form.
  • Item 5. Contact Person's Telephone Number and email Address. Enter the telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person.
  • Item 6. Department Communications Liaison. Enter the name of the department's Communications Liaison person.
  • Item 7. Department Communications Liaison's Telephone Number and email Address. Enter the telephone number and e-mail address of the department's Communications Liaison.

Section B. Project Information

  • Item 1. Description of purpose. Enter a description of the purpose of the proposed project. Example: XYZ Department plans to renovate its existing space.
  • Item 2. Description of work. Enter a description of the proposed scope of work including the location and number of data and telephone connections.
  • Item 3. Description of any special existing conditions. Enter, if not mentioned above, a description of any special existing conditions, special features, hazardous materials (asbestos, lead paint, etc.), and other items that may have an impact on the project budget.
  • Item 4. Department Head Signature. The person with signature authority for the department must sign here. This is usually the Department Head.

Customer Support

Our Customer Services team is here to help you provision the telecommunications services you need.

Call (540) 231-6460 or send an email to