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Approving a Service Request in the NI&S Customer Portal


1. Only Account Admins can approve or deny service requests. By default, all Account Admins for an organization will receive a daily digest email with outstanding requests - Account Admins can opt out of daily digest emails in the Preferences Menu. Account Admins may also receive a notification email upon submission of a request if a Service Manager chooses specific Account Admins to be notified immediately. 

Disconnects and edits to services no longer require a Service Request or Admin approval.

After logging in to the NI&S Customer Portal, choose Service Requests in the Services menu.


2. Select the row with the request you intend to approve or deny.

To approve multiple requests at one time, select the checkboxes of the intended approvals and choose Approve Selected at the top of the page.

3. To approve a selected request, select Approve. You will be returned to the Service Requests screen.  

4. To deny a service request, choose Deny and include information about why the request was denied. You will be returned to the Service Requests screen.