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Submitting a Service Request in the NI&S Customer Portal

1. Only Service Managers can submit requests. After logging into the NI&S Customer Portal, choose Service Requests in the Services menu.


2. In the Service Requests application, select the New Request button in the top right corner.

3. Choose the service you are requesting using the drop down menu or checkbox. Select Next.

4. Enter the details of your request. Choose Next.

5. Enter the account details for your request. Select any Account Admins that you wish to be notified immediately. Choose Next. 

Note: If no Account Admins are selected, all Account Admins for the organization will receive a daily digest email the following morning. Account Admins can opt out of daily digest emails in the Preferences Menu. 

6. Review the details of your order. Select Previous to edit the information. Choose Save to submit the request.

Once saved, you will be redirected to your Service Requests Queue. You can edit or delete requests while they’re still in the pending state if any changes are needed prior to approval.

Disconnects and edits to services no longer require a Service Request or Admin approval.

Service Managers will receive an email when a request is approved or denied. Service Managers can opt out of these emails in the Preferences Menu.