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Zoom Phone Migration Top 10

Links below require users to be logged into the 4help portal (top right).

  1. How to verify and update the emergency address

  2. Digital phones are no longer supported.  Existing digital phones can be converted to Zoom Phone (ZP) Analog, ZP User or ZP Common Area service.

  3. Poly phones require an active Ethernet port.  If you are converting an existing digital or analog service we need to identify the Ethernet service to associate with the phone.

  4. Analog lines will be migrated automatically.

  5. Don’t connect physical phones until the MAC address has been added in the Zoom Phone system by NI&S. Some phones require association with a user as well. Here is the link for Service Managers to add the mac address.

  6. Users are encouraged to evaluate the Zoom Phone application; physical phones can be added at any time.

  7. All members of a shared line or a contact center application must be migrated at the same time. 

  8.     All Avaya services must be migrated by May 31st. 
    1. Check the migration timeline on the NI&S website often. 
    2. Contact NI&S to schedule Contact Center migrations.
  9. Where to get help: 
    1. User guides and training materials are on the 4Help portal.
    2. Service Manager and ordering information are on the NI&S website.
    3. Contact the NI&S customer service team for consultation and migration assistance.
  10. We want to hear from you! Please provide feedback.