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Residence Hall Phones

On campus residents may purchase residential phone services for their room. This service includes unlimited local and domestic long distance calling. NI&S does not provide a phone for the room, but a student may purchase a phone from a local convenience store.

Telephone Service Fees:

  • $80 Activation Fee
  • $32/month of service

Residential phone service lasts up to one school year in length. You may also choose to end your service before the end of the semester by either requesting a specific date while activating your service, or by visiting the NI&S Customer Service Office and requesting an alternate end date. Please note, if you leave the university earlier than your set end date for any reason, you must contact our office to adjust the end date of your service.

NI&S will not split payments between roommates. We will only accept a contract from ONE person who will be responsible for associated fees. 

For the safety of on campus residents, there are emergency phones located within the residence halls and throughout campus. For more information on emergency phones, contact the Virginia Tech Police