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Unified Communications Service (Softphone)

The UC Service (Softphone) allows for the use of an application as a phone as though it was part of the Virginia Tech telephone network, operating on most computers, tablets, and smartphones.


The UC Service (Softphone) has a standard one-time activation fee and monthly recurring fee. If the user is utilizing the standard telephone service at Virginia Tech, then this fee replaces the monthly fee for the standard telephone service. Details can be found on the Service Rates page.

Features include:

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

The softphone includes features from the standard telephone service at Virginia Tech and delivers voice communications over the data network using Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies. Features include 5-digit calling to users on the VT system, CallerID, Call Waiting, multi-party/ad-hoc conferencing, unlimited direct-dialed domestic long-distance, mobility service.


With the softphone turned on, all incoming calls will ring to both your desk phone and on devices that the softphone is installed and running. Either device can answer the call and appear as your Virginia Tech extension to the outside caller.

The softphone application is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices and makes it possible to place and receive calls with your Virginia Tech extension on more than just your office desk phone.

Data Usage

The soft-client application requires a data connection for use, either Wi-Fi or cellular data. The application does not use calling plan minutes.


  • Telecommuters and frequent travelers can use their mobile devices as their Virginia Tech telephone wherever they go.
  • International travelers can use the soft-client application overseas to avoid international calling fees, and receive calls on their familiar Virginia Tech extension. A global data plan or Wi-Fi would be needed to use the application economically while traveling abroad.
  • Faculty/Staff can hold telephone office hours from anywhere without sharing personal cellphone numbers


911 Acknowledgement Statement

To be eligible for the service a 911 Acknowledgment Statement needs to reviewed, signed, and submitted when placing the order. Computer-based phone services have inherent limitations with connecting to location-specific services, such as the emergency response services accessed by dialing 911, described more fully in the statement.

Customer Support

Our Customer Services team is here to help you provision the telecommunications services you need.

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