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Verizon Wireless offers nationwide coverage. The current coverage quality in the Blacksburg/Montgomery County area is very good. There is ample signal strength for walking and driving on the main campus, and there are many locations where the signal strength is adequate for good in-building coverage.

Verizon also has options for international travelers.

PLEASE NOTE: International travel with data devices can be expensive!
Be prepared by contacting NI&S Customer Service at 1-2800 well in advance of international travel to obtain the correct global plan(s) to minimize overage charges.

Verizon Available Equipment

NI&S does not maintain a list of available phones on our website. Use the link below to view available equipment.

Currently available Verizon equipment.

You may see sale prices, coupons, term commitments and other offers from the service provider that only apply to personal accounts. We purchase from a Federal Supply Contract, and the offers on the individual service provider's websites do not apply.

Please contact Customer Service at to obtain the contract pricing for the cell phone or device that you are interested in.